OPE cloud VR

Don’t watch, experience Don’t watch, experience

Don’t watch,


OPEcloud VR allows you to experience the techniques of skilled surgeon,
assistant, nurses, medical engineers and others in the clinical environment.
This system captures, stores, and manages the data of the views of professionals
with the permanently installed 360-degree camera.

Problems in medical education that OPEcloud VR solves

The virtual clinical experience made possible by OPEcloud VR
allows users to experience and learn whenever they want,
even when they cannot be present.

Challenges and Solutions


Limited clinical opportunites,
not improving the level of medical education.

Due to the space and types of medical procedures, it is difficult for people from medical companies or with academia background to have many opportunities to observe.

Limited clinical opportunites

With OPEcloud VR

Experience the real clinical scene as if you are the surgeon
with the first person perspective VR

In a 360-degree space, you can re-experience precious cases and procedures performed by famous surgeons that you cannot easily witness.
Accelerate medical education with live-experience learning.

Experience the real clinical scene as if you are the surgeon


Due to the changes in workstyle,
less time can be devoted to education.

Due to the changes in workstyles of doctors, overtime hours will be limited to 960 hours per year. There are concerns that this will lead to a huge drop in the quality of medical care and a further shortage of doctors.


Percentage of head of hospitals who think that the upper limit of overtime work for physicians poses a risk of collapsing community health care.※Source

With OPEcloud VR

Learn with three VR learning mode
Anytime, anywhere, again and again

OPEcloud VR can be used for self-learning, large lectures, or even remote classes. Effectiveness of the VR education is high since it can be used repeadedly regardless of time or location.

Self-learning for personal use
Self-learningfor personal use
Large class
Large classfor seminars/
Remote class
Remote classfor remote seminars/

Why choose OPEcloud VR?

Why OPEcloud VR is chosen?

Any facility can easily film real-life medical VR video in operating room just by installing the system.

Service flow

In 2 to 3 months after application, equipment delivery, filming training and production lectures will be completed.
After that, you are free to film and experience VR contents.

Step 1 Minimum30days

After application, VR equipments will be prepared.

  • Installation and operation check of equipments
  • System and network verification
  • Installation of equipment needed for VR experience

※Depending on the facility’s environment, delivery time is may vary.

Items OPEcloud VR includes

VR camera set
VR recoder set
Recording scanner set
Original router set for OPEcloud VR

Items OPEcloud VR includes
Step 2 1day

VR filming training

  • Manuals will be provided
  • Lecture on how to use the 360-degree camera, VR headsets, and tablets.
Step 3 1day

VR editing lecture

  • Manuals will be provided
  • Lectures on how to use the editing software

※The lecture will use the actual VR videos the facility has filmed.